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Video. This time it's personal


Kinesis Software is happy to announce that KineticFusion has moved to a new home at QDC technologies for integration into their Qmecom platform.


Qmecom is a Mass Personalisation Video Advertising Platform (developed by QDC Technologies) that enables the creation of literally millions of personalised communications and advertising messages, on the fly, according to customers preferences/profiles. These personalised rich content and video ads can be created and delivered via any digital channel e.g. e-mail, internet, TV, in store kiosks etc.


Qmecom allows marketers to more effectively communicate with their customers and prospects by leveraging their CRM and data sources into personal messages that are relevant and personalised to the recipient.




We will continue to work with QDC Technologies to enhance the features and functionality of KineticFusion but the software will no longer be available for download from this site. All queries should be directed to QDC techologies.


Again, I would like to give a big thank you to all the people over the years that have supported KineticFusion through their considered comments, feedback and, most of all, those that supported us by buying KineticFusion licenses. Thanks and hopefully we'll all talk again.


Alex Bradley, Kinesis Software


Research Technologies

We are delighted to present a preview of the Kinesis Mapping Server technology that provides creation of advanced Flash maps from Geographic Markup Language (GML) documents. Read more and see some samples on our mapping page.



For existing users of KineticFusion faced with the change in the Adobe Flash 9 player that rendered some previous working content unrenderable, there is a standalone patch utility available here.



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