High-Performance Flex Datagrid

Developed for the performance-critical banking sector, the datagrid is a visualization component capable of handling thousands of deeply-nested data changes each second while maintaining responsiveness. READ MORE...


Hierarchical List

When working with dynamic hierarchical models such as client portfolios and price band groupings, it became critical to develop a new structure capable of mapping these models into a linear, flattened list. Out of this came the Hierarchical List, scaling gracefully to large numbers of objects. READ MORE...

About Me

Kinesis Software was established in 2002 as an specialised R&D company. KineticFusion, which included an incremental AS2 compiler and decompiler, was the first product that was developed from scratch and sold commercially for 2 years before being bought by QDC technologies.

After periods of consultancy in Healthcare, Education and Financial industries, I returned to R&D last year.

The first results of this work are a high-performance datagrid for Flex 3.x and 4.x, and a fast-access, index-based list for Hierarchical data models.

Thanks for visiting.

Alex Bradley